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Too many Internet sellers of epoxy resin garage paint products for concrete coating or concrete repair / crack repair keep their potential customers in the dark about alternative options, different kinds of epoxies, and possible problems. Commercial grade / professional grade two part epoxy paint products are NOT like enamel floor paint you can buy at the local hardware store. Educate yourself before you spend your money.

#1) There are water based floor epoxies, solvent based systems, and solvent free garage epoxy floor coatings. There are good and bad things about each. Do you know which is best for you?

#2) Do you know that epoxies are not color stable and will yellow over time and especially in direct sunlight? If color stability is important to you, you will probably need to use both epoxy and some other type of paint/coating. Do you know what your non epoxy topcoat options are?

#3) Some epoxy products require you to mix the two part epoxy and then let it sit in the container for a certain amount of time. Is this a good thing or a red flag?

#4) Many people like the "paint chip" look often seen in garage floor epoxy paint systems. Are you aware that there are several methods and several different epoxy/non epoxy combination of products to achieving this look? Just sprinkling the chips upon the surface of the wet pigmented floor epoxy is the least professional, least commercial way to achieve that look.

#5) With products like epoxy resins and seamless garage floor products there are product data sheets and legally required Material Data Safety Sheets associated with them. These documents contain real information and get you past the marketing hype found in the bulk of the vendor's site. After viewing an epoxy vendor's site, you should be easily able to access the data and msds information. Companies that don't make these available to you may be hiding something or else don't want you to have enough real information to compare their product to their competitor's products.

#6) We recommend you call or email the company you are planning to purchase from. It can be a simple question like, "When will the order ship?" or "Why did the chicken cross the road?" If the don't reply back in a timely fashion before they have your money, the certainly will not reply to you after the sale! Buying online from out of state companies has more risk than buying at your local hardware store - you do have legal options but they don't come cheap!

#7) If you have experienced "hot tire pickup' - places where the epoxy lifts off under where your tires sit, or just peels off in sheets. Is this 'bad epoxy paint" and should you demand a refund? (few American made products are defective - the problem here is surface preparation which is your responsibility, or issues with the concrete - which is outside of your control and the control of the epoxy manufacturer. Each case in unique, and you don't know if you did enough - or had a suitable surface - until after the fact. So, given these potential issues, MAYBE you don't want to risk putting down an epoxy floor - it could fail with no one at fault).

#8) Concrete contains a lot of air spaces. Most concrete garage floor surfaces are 'vibrated' smooth to drive out much of the trapped air. This is rarely done in sheds, barns, work shops, etc. So, when you apply a thick epoxy to such surfaces air can come out of the concrete and form bubbles throughout the setting epoxy surface. Are you aware if this, and do you have a plan to deal with it?

#9) If you are considering an epoxy garage floor because of water or dampness on the concrete, do you know that the moisture might be coming from either condensation out of the air, or from water moving up through the garage floor? An epoxy coating might help in the second case, if you can get it to bond to the damp floor. It probably will not help if the wetness comes from out of the air.

#10) Do you know that garage epoxy floor paint surfaces can produce a finish that is slippery when wet, like glazed tile or a marble floor? There are many different anti slip non slip grit type products you can use. Do you know there are several different methods for applying the grit to the coating? Do you know which type or size grit to use if you are applying and epoxy floor to a fire station vs. inside a shower stall? Fine textured grits get lost in thick epoxies, have you matched the grit size to the epoxy thickness (as well as to the floor application)?

For articles that address and answer these epoxy questions and teach you the basics of epoxy paint systems--- epoxyproducts.com/epoxy-floor-paint.html.

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Why You Don't Want, Or Need,

A Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Paint


Epoxy Floor Coatings - Sampler Kits

1) NEW Epoxy Floor/ Deck non slip coating  (ROUGH COAT (TM) FLOOR EPOXY) Check out the  8 oz test kit of Rough Coat (tm) - a tan colored  solvent based epoxy floor coating with non slip grit already mixed in. Standard unit size is one gallon which covers about 160 sf. Texture is suitable for bare feet. Use on boat decks, garage floors, shower areas etc.  This product is featured on the GreatThings4u.com website.

2) Solvent Free Industrial Floor Epoxy - 48 oz test kit of IFF in beige or light gray. Tired of the low end stuff sold in mass market box stores or hard sell epoxy flooring web sites run by a marketing major and staffed with ex-shoe salesman just interested in your money? Check out our industrial - commercial (you can buy 15 gallon units), solvent free, Industrial Floor Epoxy (even the product name is simple, no frills labeling). Use with or without chips (order separately - picking colors and percentages), and with or without clear epoxy or poly intermediate or topcoats. Shop like a Professional - where you pick and select what you need. This product is featured on the Best Epoxies  website.

CLICK HERE (floor epoxy paint options) to see these products in our online catalog.

The Benefits of Solvent Free Epoxies

(zero VOC - 100% solids)


(Same for epoxy paints and epoxy floor paints - see differences between)

* A smooth non-porous, cleanable with strong cleaners surface (thus antimicrobial - mold and mildew resistant) and great  for children's play rooms, bathrooms, showers etc.). Thus common in garage, shops, labs, trailers, etc.


* Solvent free epoxies little or no odor and no solvents to fill the air (great news for allergy and asthma prone during application)


* Wet thickness equals dry thickness (and it is a thick coating to start with) - so equal in thickness to many coats of 'regular' paint.


* Thick and self leveling it fills and hides small chips, depressions, cracks etc. Fill them during application and they will not reappear when the epoxy cures.


DISADVANTAGES - all solvent free epoxies yellow, especially in sunlight --- they will scratch ---  they have a surface bond only so they needs a top notch bonding surface to adhere to --- there are MOISTURE DURING CURE issues -- solvent free epoxies have a short pot life (working time during application) - air escaping from concrete can form bubbles in the thick solvent free epoxy (there are ways around this, but you need to be told of this possible issue).


CONSUMER WARNINGS - *** Some questionable epoxy vendors like to imply that only their solvent free epoxy has these benefits, which is not true. *** Some questionable epoxy vendors will compare their solvent free epoxy to other vendor's water based epoxies and solvent based epoxies. These are unfair comparisons designed to make their products look 'superior.'***  Some questionable vendors will deny their epoxy yellows (water based epoxies have limited yellowing - dark colors don't show yellowing). *** Some vendors will promote 'special epoxies (novolac, cycloaliphatic, flake filled, coal tar, etc.)  when they are not necessary for your intended application. *** Some questionable epoxy vendors will 'forget to mention' the potential disadvantages and problems listed above.  *** No epoxy vendor can know the condition and suitability of your surface for an epoxy coating, nor can they oversee your surface preparation, and weather/environmental conditions during your DIY epoxy application. So all vendor Warranty documents  have a built in escape mechanism and are presented only as marketing tools to get your business. All that an epoxy vendor can actually warranty is that when mixed correctly the product will harden and have the physical properties described in the product data sheet. An honest epoxy vendor will tell you this up-front.

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Two Part Epoxy Product Groups:

(EVERYTHING-EPOXY.INFO  ---  Intro to basic epoxy resin types)

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